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ActionAid is an international charity working in over 40 countries.
The organisation works with the poorest women and girls in the world, changing their lives for good. Our local colleagues provide immediate, hands-on support to women and children living on the margins of survival. Together we demand action at local, national and international level. We don’t walk away until we’ve achieved lasting change.
Action Aid is not only focussed on inequality but tackles this by aiming to create the right environment in which people, especially women and the young, can build their own resilience through education, and changes in systems, techniques and technology.

It not only carries out humanitarian work, (e.g. it was on the ground in Liberia and Sierra Leone using almost its every resource in those countries to combat the spread of Ebola, and was first NGO to respond following the earthquakes in Nepal, through its existing networks of local women) but it's also focussed on establishing rights and responsibilities.

That’s where individual dignity and opportunity for individuals to be involved in the realisation of their own destiny and the creation of sound structures for a good future will spring from.

To me, that’s really sustainable and long lasting and is really worthy of support

My role as Chair requires that I:

- provide leadership to the board
- take responsibility for the board’s composition and development
- get both trustees and directors collaboratively involved in the board’s work
- ensure the board operates as a unit and focusses on strategy, guidance, risk management and oversight
- ensure that periodic assessment of our own governance and review of our performance takes place
- oversight of succession planning and induction and development of trustees
- support to the the chief executive
- operate as an advocate for the charity and seek to ensure that its objectives and ethics are properly understood
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2014 – Present, London, United Kingdom

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